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To achieve a sustainable andseamless intermodal transportation system, we will be both the recognized regional convener of all transportation stakeholders within the region and one of the stakeholders that has a role in providing transportation services.

FY 2021-2024 TIP Public Review Information
>>TIP Document
>>TIP Interactive Map
>>TIP Public Comment Form

2019 TIP Solicitation
>>STBG Application
>>CMAQ Application
>>TA Application

More TIP info:
>>FY 2018-2021 TIP   
>>Working Transportation      Improvement      Program Balances

FY 2019 Annual Listing of Project with Obligated Federal Funding

>>Check out this Ohio Transportation Funding Update

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>>Lots of people want to drive
less. Now, people who want to
bike, bus, walk, or carpool to
work have a new resource...
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A Different Kind of Bike Month

The update of the Toledo region’s
long-range transportation plan is
ramping up with public meetings Through February...
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FY 2021 Transportation Annual Work Program

>>Draft Annual Work Program and Budget

TMACOG Bike Safety Video

Highway Projects Maps
>>Highway Projects Map 2019
>>Project Descriptions 2019

Toledo-Detroit Ridership Feasibility & Cost Estimate Study FINAL


>>2020 Federal Certification Review Final Report

>>Regional Safety Plan 2019

>> Draft FY2021 Transportation Annual Work Program

>> FY2020 Annual Work Program

>>On The Move: 2045 Transportation Plan- Update 2020

>>Gohio Commute registration

>> 2019-2020 Transportation Legislative Agenda

ODOT District 2 Construction projects

>>Regional Bike Facilites

Complete Streets Policy
    Complete Streets Toolkit


>>Chessie Circle Trail


>>Roundabouts in Northwest Ohio

>>Bike User Map 6.2018

>>Safety Report (2014-2016 Data)

>>Ohio Statewide Transit Needs Study

>>Multimodal Needs Assessment

>>Congestion Management Process

>>2045 Transportation Plan Summary

>>Completion Report for
     Transportation Planning - Fiscal
     Year 2019

>>Air Quality Conformity Analysis and Determination for On the Move: 2015-2045 Transportation Plan
and FY 2018-2021 TIP

>>Transit FAQ

>>Complete Streets Policy

>>Chessie Circle Development Plan

>>Regional Sidewalk Policy

>>Drive Your Bike


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