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Portage River Basin Council

Mission Statement
The Portage River Basin Council formed in 1994 to preserve and restore the integrity of all waterways in the Portage River watershed; promote the health and safety of persons living, working, visiting, or enjoying recreational activities there; protect the property of its landowners; safeguard its wildlife habitat; preserve its natural and scenic beauty; and encourage community activity that will sustain the watershed’s unique qualities now and into the future.
PRBC Operating Procedures

The Portage River Watershed Action Plan was endorsed by Ohio EPA and Ohio DNR in 2012. Download the plan using these links:
Portage River Watershed Plan large file
Portage River Watershed Plan - Appendices large file
Portage River Watershed Plan Fact Sheet

The Watershed Plan as endorsed includes goals, objectives, and recommendations for nine of the Portage River HUCs (sub-watersheds). The remaining HUC goals have been completed in draft; download from the link below. TMACOG invites public input on these HUCs.

2016 Meetings
>>November 3, 2016 Agenda with linked related documents
>>August 4, 2016 Documents
>>July 28, 2016 Agenda & related documents

>>April 7, 2016 Agenda & related documents

>>Portage River Basin Council Archive


Coastal Management Measures – Chapter 6

Gordon Bowman, President of Council, Village of Pemberville
Jim Sass, Vice President of Commissioners, Ottawa County
Coordinator: Kurt Erichsen

Reports & Documents
Portage River TMDL
Portage TMDL Interactive Maps
Portage River Watersheds - data and impairments
Biological and Water Quality Survey of the Portage River, Select Lake Erie Tributaries
and Select Maumee River Tributaries 2006-2008

2008 Western Lake Erie Basin Study, Portage Watershed Assessment
The Portage River: A Resource Worth Protecting
2003 Watershed Restoration Action Strategy
2002 Portage River Hydrological Study, Part 1*
2002 Portage River Hydrological Study, Part 2*
*Extended download time may occur due to size of PDFs.

Watershed Links
Ohio Watershed Network
Ohio Watersheds and Drainage Basins
Ohio Watershed Programs


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