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Transportation Planning Map Gallery
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Roadway Classification & Condition
Existing and Planned Roundabouts in the TMACOG Region

Highway Functional Classification System for TMACOG Area

Functional Classification is the grouping of the roadway network in a hierarchy based on the type of highway service they provide.

National Highway System and NHS Intermodal Connectors
Routes designated by the Federal Highway Administration as a part of the National Highway System.

The Pavement Condition Ratings (PCR), compiled biennially by the Ohio Department of Transportation, provides a uniform measure of conditions on state and local federal aid eligible routes:
Pavemnet Condition 2017
Pavement Condition 2015

Pavement Condition 2013

ODOT District 2 Safety Work Program, Fiscal Year 2016
The Ohio Department of Transportation’s Safety Work Program focuses on freeway and non-freeway high-crash locations.

Significant highway improvement projects scheduled for the TMACOG area:
2018 Highway Projects
2018 Project Descriptions
Downtown and Amtrak Area Projects

Freight & Railroad
Freight Hubs and Distribution Centers
Locations of important freight-generating facilities in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

TMACOG Area Railroads
Railroads with train traffic volumes and rail yard locations.

Average Daily Truck Traffic Volume
Average daily traffic (ADT) volumes for commercial vehicles for interstates, U.S., and state routes.

Percentage of Truck Traffic
Percentage of commercial vehicles based on total traffic volumes.

Heavy Haul Permit Routes - Lucas, Fulton, and Williams Counties
Routes that are designated for use by trucks hauling “Michigan Legal” loads up to 154,000 lbs.

Marine Port and Airport Facilities
Facilities at the Port of Toledo and TMACOG area airports

TMACOG Area Highway Freight Network
Significant truck routes in the TMACOG area

Bike & Pedestrian
TMACOG Regional Bicycle Facilities
Existing and proposed bike facilities in the TMACOG region.

Sidewalks Map
Existing sidewalks in the TMACOG region.

Transit & Passenger Rail
Passenger Rail Service - Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan
Existing and proposed passenger rail routes and station locations in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

Select Demographic Variables NEW
Information about Environmental Justice Areas, Populations with Limited English Proficiency, Elderly Populations,
Populations with Disabilities, and No Vehicle Households.

Median Household Income 2010
2010 median household income by Census block group.

Population per square mile in the TMACOG area by Census block groups:
Population Density 1990
Population Density 2000
Population Density 2010

Land Use & Land Cover
TMACOG Area Land Use 2012
Land use map for the TMACOG transportation planning area.

100-Year Flood Plains
Flood plain locations in the TMACOG transportation planning area.

Prime Farmland
Extent of prime farmland in the TMACOG transportation planning area.

Riparian Stream Corridors
Important riparian stream corridors in the TMACOG transportation planning area.

Parks & Preserves
Locations of parks and preserves, and the extent of the Oak Openings Region.

Historic Sites & Districts
Historic sites and districts located in the TMACOG transportation planning area



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