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The Regional Core Circulator Study (RCCS), initiated in July 2002 began as an effort to address transportation-related questions raised during development of the 2025 Regional Transportation Plan and in the Downtown Toledo Master Plan. Issues pertaining to street operations, a central transfer center for transit, parking expansion, and TARTA bus operations in the core of our region in downtown Toledo needed additional study. These proposals spawned additional questions as to what is the best downtown transportation system. (See Study Background). Further questions regarding transit options between the University of Toledo and downtown were also addressed. The final study results are documented in an Executive Summary. Background on the analysis is presented below. A full report is available - see final section below.

The final version of the Executive Summary and the draft study report are posted below. Please contact Diane Reamer-Evans or call 419-241-9155 ext. 117 with questions or comments.

>>Executive Summary


Stage 1 of the RCCS focused on the downtown area analysis. Initial findings were presented in September 2003 for each of seven subject areas: Overview ; Overall modes; Connection to The Toledo Museum of Art and The Toledo Zoo; Connection Across the River; Bus Loop Operation; Downtown Street Operations; and Fundamentals.

As alternatives were developed and refined, it became apparent that an economic analysis of the benefits of the proposed streetcar would facilitate the decision-making process. Stage 2 contained that analysis and is documented in the summary and report.

Stage 3 was added in 2004 to investigated transit options between the University of Toledo and downtown. This analysis was presented to the public in December 2004. A brochure from that meeting summarizes the results of that analysis.

Table of Contents  
Chapter 1: Project Setting
Chapter 2: Purpose and Need
figure 2-2
Chapter 3: Project Alternatives and Evaluation Methodology
Figure 3a
Figure 3-12a
Chapter 4: Detailed Evaluation - Stages 1 & 2  
Chapter 5: University Corridor Analysis  
Chapter 6: Locally Preferred Alternative  
Chapter 7: Implementation Plan  

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