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Toledo Botanical Garden Restoration

Hill Ditch is a tributary of the Ottawa River that flows through the Toledo Botanical Garden. In the mid-1980s, two ponds were created by building concrete low head dams to impound water flowing through the ditch. Those ponds gradually became silted in, degrading water quality and creating poor habitat for fish and other wildlife, as well as creating a safety hazard for visitors due to steep, eroding banks.

The restoration project at the garden restored free flowing water. One pond was reverted to a wetland environment and the other was rehabbed as a healthier body of water. Native plants were introduced to stabilize banks, hold soil and provide habitat. The restored area fits into the botanical garden as a deliberately planted area but one that is not highly manicured. The project demonstrates methods for restoring free flowing water, improving aquatic habitat, soil erosion reduction, and an enhanced water access for visitors.

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