Thank you for attending the
2010 Ohio Conference on Freight.

Workshop Presentations

University Freight Research Benefiting
the Freight Movement Industry
[Henry/Van Wert Rooms]
-Mark Burton
-Mark McCord
-Richard Martinko


Plenary Session
Transportation's Impact on Agriculture
[Lucas Auditorium]
-Jack Basso

Measuring Freight Movement in
Ohio Urban Areas
[Seneca Room]

-Ami Parikh
-Peter Lindquist

Educating Transportation and Logistics
Professionals [Seneca Room]
-Dr. Richard Stewart
-Ernie Wittwer

Short Line Railroad Opportunities [Huron Room]
-Jonathan Chastek
-Ryan Ratledge
-Marty Pohlod
I-90 Maritime Corridor [Williams/Defiance Rooms]
-Floyd Miras
-Mark Locker
Global Container Changes
and Midwest Impact
[Williams/Defiance Rooms]
-Vance Bennett
-Ian Hamilton

Cross-border Freight Planning
and Coordination
[Huron Room]
-Robyn Bancroft
-Bernadette Dupont
-Trevor Brydon
-John R. Getchey
-Charlie Standridge
Basic Supply Chain Management 101 [Henry/Van Wert Rooms]
-Dr. Oya Tukel

Update on the Heartland Corridor
and Rickenbacker Inland Port
[Henry/Van Wert Rooms]
-Bob Fredman
-Chris Luebbers
-David Whitaker
Presentation on the National Gateway
Northwest Ohio Intermodal Terminal
[Williams/Defiance Rooms] 

Shipping Opportunities on the Ohio River [Seneca Room]
-Terrence Moore
-Ron Coles

A New Universal Shipping Container [Seneca Room]
-Eric Schubert
Supply Chains: A Tale of 3 Ohio Cities [Henry/Van Wert Rooms]
Dr. Bradley Hull
  Freight: Translating the International Supply
Chain to a Regional Audience
[Williams/Defiance Rooms]
Bernadette Dupont
Intermodal Border Trucking Activity [Seneca Room] 
Mark McCord
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Greening the Supply Chain - Future of Biofuels
[Henry/Van Wert Rooms]
Praveen Paripati
The Movement of Agricultural Products in the State of Ohio
[Williams/Defiance Rooms]
Kirk Merritt
-Jim McKinstray
-Dwayne Siekman for up to date regional freight information
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Hosted by
Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments
in partnership with the National Association of Regional Councils
and the Ohio Department of Transportation
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