March / April 2011
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Regional Water Authority Discussion

More than a dozen municipalities in our region have agreed to pitch in together to update a study of water delivery assets in the region. The engineering consulting group ARCADIS completed such a study in 2000 and they will update it, submitting their report to the group in May, 2011. The cities, villages, and agencies in the group are investigating the formation of a regional water authority.

The reason for the study is to get an accurate inventory of existing infrastructure, the condition of the infrastructure, and to ascribe a current value to these assets. Once a baseline is established, the partners to the discussion can move on to determine if a regional water authority is viable and in the best interests of citizens. The structure of the authority is not determined, but the initial working theory is that an authority would purchase the major pieces of the Toledo water system – pumping stations, water treatment plant, major delivery water mains – and become a regional distributor. The motivation for a joint authority is to have the region make the best possible use out of our fresh water assets, and eliminate the current fragmented system where the City of Toledo sells water at variable rates, and with non-uniform tax sharing.

TMACOG has been facilitating these meetings and is the repository of all the records and data the group has been working with. In the interests of a transparent and open process, this information is here on the TMACOG website.

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