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March / April 2011
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Introducing TMACOG Tech

TMACOG members are always looking for opportunities to learn more about how to serve their constituents. Throughout the year, TMACOG coordinates workshops and seminars on a variety of subjects from financial management of water utilities, to stormwater management, to economic development. To help us organize and market these opportunities, TMACOG has created TMACOG Tech. Look for the TMACOG Tech logo to identify opportunities for free or low-cost training sessions...more

NORED’s Areas of Concern In 2011 for Ohio’s Economic Development Future

Guest column contributed by Kay E. Reiter
President of NORED and Executive Director of the Sandusky County Economic Development Corp.

The Northwest Ohio Regional Economic Development Association (NORED) was formed late in 1998 to draw together economic development practitioners and partners spanning 12 counties to increase job opportunities and improve the quality of life throughout the region...more

Funding Brownfield Remediation
A free seminar is being offered to provide information about sources for funding for brownfield remediation in Ohio. The information will be valuable for planners, economic development professionals, and administrators of cities, villages, and townships.

State and Federal Resources to
Redevelop Blighted Properties
Tuesday, March 29, 10 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.
HBA of Greater Toledo, 1911 Indian Wood Circle, Maumee

The seminar is a collaboration of government and industry groups. Information will be provided by the Ohio EPA, the Ohio Department of Development, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Additional support provided by TTL Associates and the Mannik & Smith Group.

For more information, contact Sally Gladwell at 419.891.2222, ext. 177, or Timothy Pedro
at 419.324.2222, ext. 1237.


The transportation summit for northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan has a full agenda – from a presentation by a new ODOT Deputy Director, to a “complete streets” expert from Chicago, and a session about road repair on
a budget...more

Traffic Moves Easily in Toledo Urban Area
Recently, the Texas Transportation Institute released their 2010 Urban Mobility Report that describes and ranks congestion in America’s 439 urban areas. When compared nationally, the Toledo urban area experiences minimal congestion problems on our major roadways. In fact Toledo ranks near the bottom compared to communities of the same size: Medium Urban Areas (500,000 - 1 million). Traffic jams inhibit business while smoothly moving traffic is considered a benefit to commerce. This report confirms the findings of TMACOG’s Congestion Management Process – Technical Report completed in 2008.

Data Analysis Updates Travel Demand Model
TMACOG is a regional storehouse of data that is combined and analyzed to forecast how transportation activities can affect air quality, congestion, road repair costs, level of service, and much more. Collected data is used as a tool to aid in the transportation planning process, reducing guess work. One powerful tool that combines socioeconomic data with road infrastructure data is the Travel Demand Model (TDM)....more


Portage River Basin Council
At their January meeting, members of the Portage River Basin Council (PRBC)toured the new wastewater treatment plant in Pemberville. Gordon Bowman, president of council for the Village of Pemberville, is chair of the PRBC. He invited the council to tour the sequencing batch reactor plant to demonstrate the kind of project that has a direct, positive impact on the Portage River ...more

Environmental Council to Consider Resolution
At the regularly scheduled March 24 meeting of the TMACOG Environmental Council, members will consider a resolution in support of House Bill 72/Senate Bill 22. The joint bill would require that cost effectiveness and environmental impact be considered when permits are issued for discharges from a sewer system. The bill was prepared in response to the problems communities face when they have very expensive mandates for sanitary sewers and other wastewater infrastructure and no practical way to pay. The bill would ask that the EPA allow “reasonable flexibility in the implementation of a long-term control plan when the plan would impose a disproportionate financial hardship compared to its environmental benefits.” All aspects of the bill are to be enforced to the extent allowable under the Clean Water Act. Read the proposed bill here. For any questions on Environmental Council, contact Kurt Erichsen at 419.241.9155 ext. 126.

Consider Native Plants for Spring Planting

The environment of northwest Ohio is made special by native plants that thrive in our unique climate and soils. Even if suburban lawns have replaced some native species, a thoughtful gardener has many resources to restore them....more

Utilities Workshop
Two dozen people representing 13 municipalities and engineering firms attended a February 18 workshop on the financial management of water utilities. The TMACOG workshop was directed toward officials in smaller communities who are new to the responsibilities of managing a utility service...more

MEMBER HIGHLIGHT_____________________

Black Swamp Conservancy

While the Black Swamp Conservancy works to preserve natural areas and agricultural land, it doesn’t manage parks or build boardwalks. The conservancy preserves and protects land by helping the current landowners create voluntary land conservation agreements. Such an agreement - known as a conservation easement - allows a farmer to ensure that his or her land will always remain agricultural, or that a wetland on a landowner’s property will never be built on, even if the land is sold...more


Regional Water Authority Discussion
More than a dozen municipalities in our region have agreed to pitch in together to update a study of water delivery assets in the region. The engineering consulting group ARCADIS completed such a study in 2000 and they will update it, submitting their report to the group in May, 2011. The cities, villages, and agencies in the group are investigating the formation of a regional water authority...more

County Community College Construction
Monroe County Community College (MCCC) has announced that it plans to begin construction in July on a new career technology center on its campus on S. Raisinville Road. Using a combination of reserve funds and gifts, the college will match the state money needed for construction of the 71,300-square-foot-facility.

The new building will provide classroom and lab space and will have facilities and equipment needed to develop programs in the emerging areas of alternative energies and sustainable technology.

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