February / March 2011

Transportation Improvement Program Updates

TMACOG administers our region’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to allocate federal transportation dollars to Lucas and Wood counties and the three southern townships of Monroe County, Michigan. The TIP Committee accepts applications, evaluates and ranks them, makes a list of projects that are going to happen, and then monitors the pipeline of projects going out two to five years. The annual budget for our region is more than $12 million of federal funding and is broken down into three categories: Surface Transportation Program (STP), Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ), and Transportation Enhancement (TE) programs.

As part of the regular biennial update of the TIP, in September eight area jurisdictions submitted a total of 35 project applications to TMACOG for potential funding within the STP and the CMAQ programs. Those applications represented total project costs of $99.7 million with funding requests for $51.7 million (projects have some local funding). After evaluating and ranking all applications, 23 projects were selected for funding in the fiscal years of 2014 through 2018. Those projects include 13 to be funded through STP totaling $22.9 million and 10 within CMAQ for $10.8 million. Of those 23 projects, eight fall into the “Small Projects” category of projects that receive no more than $400,000 of funding and are typically less complex and will be brought to construction more easily. To see details of STP and CMAQ projects including funding amounts and fiscal years, click here.

Separately, 15 applications were received for the Enhancement program (TE) portion of the TIP. These projects were reviewed in January. Project applications were received from 11 jurisdictions and include three projects within the Historic category, five in the Bicycle/Pedestrian category, and seven in the Scenic category. Approximately $6 million of funding has been requested. The TE subcommittee has ranked and recommended funding for 10 of the 15 projects. To see the list, click here.

The public review period for the draft TIP including all funding categories, will run through April 2011. By June, the new TIP should be adopted via TMACOG resolution. For questions or comments, contact Kent Gardam at 419.241.9155 ext. 116.

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