June 2010
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ODOT and Economic Growth

As a strategy to focus the mission of the department, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) will consider economic growth a priority in making decisions about investments in transportation plans. To that end, ODOT is developing the Go OHIO plan.

Go OHIO is organized around four strategies:

  • Increase state competitiveness
  • Connect transportation system investment to targeted industries
  • Understand the impact of government land use and transportation policies
  • Advance a green economy

The Go OHIO plan will include:

  • Policies that will help develop efficient, high-value multimodal transportation solutions
  • Identification of high-priority transportation needs that have the potential to contribute to economic growth
  • A step-by-step process to identify the most strategic elements of Ohio’s transportation system
  • Specific performance measures that will improve accountability for future state investments

A detailed examination of Ohio’s transportation infrastructure concluded that Ohio can create jobs, drive business growth, and contribute to long term prosperity by creating a fully integrated, well-managed transportation system. To help guide the effort, ODOT has created a 36-person steering committee of transportation and business professionals and elected officials from around the state. ODOT and the committee are coordinating with other state government departments to make sure that all state job creation and economic development efforts can be supported by transportation spending. The first work of the group is an analysis of all transportation modes in the state – road, water, air,freight rail, intercity passenger rail, transit, and bike and pedestrian – to identify the most strategic elements of each system.

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