August 2010
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Stormwater Manual Released

Attaining and maintaining compliance with state and federal stormwater regulations is a challenge for governments of all sizes. To make current information accessible and useful to elected officials, TMACOG has created a digest brochure that will be distributed to members of the Stormwater Coalition and mailed to elected/appointed officials this month. The 14-page handbook outlines procedures that will help communities comply with Ohio EPA stormwater permit regulations. The information will be valuable to administrators responsible for code enforcement and water treatment. It includes a primer on the six required measures for stormwater permits, with illustrations and photos of successful examples.

The handbook is condensed from the third edition of the Stormwater Management Standards Manual, an exhaustive reference source for best management practices which also includes model regulatory language for townships, villages, and cities.

Additional printed copies of the 14-page handbook are available upon request. Contact Stormwater Intern Ann-Drea Hensley at TMACOG or call 419.241.9155 ext. 103. An electronic version of the handbook is also posted on the TMACOG website. The full-size technical standards manual is posted as a large PDF on the TMACOG website. It can be freely downloaded or printed in whole or in part.

Both publications are the work of the TMACOG Stormwater Coalition, a group made up of representatives of area jurisdictions and agencies concerned with protecting water quality in the region.

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