August 2010
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New in 2010 at Ohio Conference on Freight
The Ohio Conference on Freight is the only state-wide seminar to address the role of freight to the transportation system, the economy, and regional governments in Ohio and the Great Lakes area. In addition to these topics, in 2010 the conference will look more closely at one industry cluster: Ohio’s agricultural economy. Click here to register for the conference, and here for the draft agenda.

If you are connected to the freight industry, then rapid change describes your world. Attend the Ohio Conference on Freight to stay up to speed and get out in front.

The Overall Freight Picture
The big picture of freight movement is that the world-wide economic downturn and the influence of federal stimulus funds have had a significant impact on the way we do business. ODOT Director Jolene Molitoris will describe how her agency has reacted to these events by learning to work faster, in greater collaboration with other agencies and jurisdictions, and across all modes all the time. In industry, the National Gateway Northwest Ohio Terminal shows major changes to the movement of freight from coast to interior, and innovations in the rail/truck exchange. Conference attendees can join a tour of this facility now under construction near North Baltimore. The tour will show the new wide-span cranes—the first of their kind in the U.S—being installed at the terminal. Craig F. Thomas, vice president and senior economist for the PNC Financial Services Group will address "The Economic Outlook for the Midwest Region."

Targeted Workshops
Workshops targeted specifically to the Ohio freight industry include “Supply Chains: A Tale of 3 Ohio Cities,” expansion of short rail lines, movement of agricultural products within the state, an update on the Heartland Corridor and Rickenbacker Terminal, and freight movement on the Ohio River. Other presentations will include new strategies for measuring freight movement in urban areas, university research on supply chain management, international truck freight between Michigan and Ontario (with implications for a new Detroit River crossing), and short sea shipping on the Great Lakes.

At every opportunity, all engaged in the transportation industry are searching for ways to move freight more quickly, reliably, and at a lower cost. To do so typically requires intermodal investments that maximize the individual efficiencies of road, rail, water, and air related facilities via an integrated system of improvements. Also, more and more, federal and state agencies are working together to ensure that transportation planning and investments are directed to improving our regional, state, and national economies. The Ohio Conference on Freight provides a forum to learn and form relationships that foster collaboration and increase productivity for the movement of freight across all modes.

Follow developments at www.ohiofreight.org.

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